You’re Not Too Busy


Another week is underway, and I just wanted to pass along the reminder that there is so much more to life than your to-do list. We are all busy, every single one of us, in our own way. Someone asked me over the weekend, how are you? I sighed, looked at them, and started to tell them how crazy busy I was. Between starting a new job coordinating events, creating new content for you guys (which I love to do, obviously), and running my own business aside from other things, I couldn’t seem to stop talking about how much I had going on. Don’t get me wrong, I feel very blessed to have all these opportunities. But seriously, when did I get so busy?

Okay, lets reevaluate.

When did this become our reality? Why did this become our reality? Since when did we become too busy to give people a call, or meet up with them? How have we forgotten there’s a whole world outside our electronic devices and schedule?

We’ve all done it. Loosely using the phrase “I’m too busy” instead of making the time for things that are important. Ready for a hard pill to swallow? You are not too busy to make that phone call. You are not too busy to go to the gym. You are not too busy to meet your friend for coffee. You are not too busy to put your phone away. You are not too busy to ask someone how their day was and really pay attention to the answer.

I think that mostly everyone can agree that as a society we have been conditioned to use being busy as a way to validate our excuses. If we are busy it must mean we are important because we have other obligations and we are wanted by others, right? To some extent, yes. To another extent, it means nothing. You do not need to be or use the word busy to be important or valuable. There is so much more to you than the obligations pressing on your time. Get over the need to be busy 24/7 with things that aren’t as important to you, and make time for the things you value. Not having a million things to do doesn’t make you any less important. It makes you available to the things you actually want to do, the things that matter most. Stop saying yes to things just to be “busy”. Start saying yes to things that add value to your life. Life is too damn short to fill your time with things you don’t love doing.

Why isn’t making time for a childhood friend trendy? When was the last time you actually enjoyed yourself out with friends? When is the last time you really engaged with the people you were surrounded by without using your phone as a crutch? Stop allowing yourself to take on tasks that don’t add extreme value to your every day. I challenge you to accept that not everyday has to be jam packed with activities.  I challenge myself to do this too, honestly. Take the time out of your day to enjoy the coffee you just made or picked up, without rushing off to the next activity. Sit down, put your phone away, and enjoy that dang latte. And no, you don’t need to snap a picture of it first.



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