New York City

It seems like no matter how long your trip is, it’s never enough time in New York. So with one trip to New York (together) down, here’s what we did…

Brooklyn Bridge

We made our way over to Brooklyn Bridge. It was pretty crowded (and unusually chilly) this day. The bridge is divided into sections for walkers and bikers. Be sure to look before you cross sides, the bike momentum is killer and they aren’t afraid to yell at you from what I witnessed. You also have plenty of visitors that rent bikes that honestly just have no idea about anything. It’s amazing, really. If you’re trying have no one else in your picture, either go super early or walk further down the bridge. Oh and be quick, a people-less location won’t last long in New York.


Brooklyn Bridge Park

After, we headed down to Brooklyn Bridge Park (featured behind us is Pier 1 Playground). There were plenty of restaurants and ice cream places in this area, not to worry! We sat for a little bit to take a break from walking and to people watch.


Shake Shack

There was also a Shake Shack on the way back to the Metro, which made our dinner choice easy. I can’t seem to make it out of there without spending at least $15. And until a Shake Shack opens near me in, I will be stopping at one every opportunity I get.


Manhattan Bridge

View of Manhattan Bridge with the Empire State Building framed beneath. A popular photo spot, might I add.

Time Square

Busy, a lot of lights, a lot of half naked people. Better known as the naked cowboy, and we were “lucky” enough to encounter the naked cowgirl as well… And for anyone that watches the ball drop on New Year’s Eve, this is where it happens! To my surprise, the ball and the 2018 sign (or whatever year it may be) is up there year round. And the ball is MUCH smaller that it appears on TV. I was a little let down.

j and t NY

Park Ave

Unwritten rule: if there are no cars, cross the street. There are some brave souls out there just running in front of traffic. This would also include us, because anything for that shot! Jared was looking for an area with stream coming up from the street to take a picture in front of. We saw this steam from a distance and when we rounded the corner we saw at least 6 other photographers out there trying to get that same shot. It was raining, there was steam, I felt cute, cue street crossing picture. This was on our way to the New York Public Library.


Taiyaki NYC

Jared and I are all about food, especially in NYC. Our fascination with this ice cream started on Instagram, we got out first in person experience with them Miami, and just had to stop for some in Chinatown. We did it for the picture, obviously. They have so many different “designs,” including a build-your-own as well. I have a huge problem with melted ice cream on my hands though, so I’m thankful it was on the cooler side. This particular ice cream melts quick due to it being served in a hot cake-like cone (that has some strange custard like stuff in the bottom). You’ve been warned!


Boba Tea

We also had some sort of fascination with Boba Tea, and we weren’t leaving New York without getting any. After lots of searching, we FINALLY found a place near our hotel in the Financial District that sold some. Long awaited disappointment. I’m sorry, but whatever those little balls in the tea are made of weren’t very appetizing in my opinion. I’m cringing thinking about the taste and texture. The tea itself wasn’t that bad though. I ended up getting Lychee and Jared got Grapefruit. Our walk back to the hotel consisted of nonchalantly leaving a trail of boba balls we spit out along the way, oops.


Central Park

A place I’d be all the time if I lived locally. On this day New York decided to be sunny and hot, the perfect day to wear jeans… The first half of this day turned out to be a struggle for me. I would also recommend not wearing converse as your walking shoes unless they are 100% comfortable to you. I wanted to cry by the time we got to the park (and knowing me I did cry). There’s a Whole Foods nearby (take the term nearby lightly, it is New York after all) which we stopped at for bagels before heading to the park. There were a lot of dogs, kids, and people motivated to exercise. Central Park is HUGE for those who may have never looked at it on a map. We only got to see a fraction of it, mostly due to my complaining and being in pain (sorry Jared). You could definitely spend a whole day there. There are plenty of maps with numbered locations of what there is and where it is, I’ve linked one here for you!


Just a few extra pictures from the trip, thanks Jared!



It seems like no matter how long your trip is, it_s never enough time…-12

Calling all Gossip Girl fans!!!




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