Naturally Based Premium Hair Care

You’ve either been over exposed to it, or have never heard of it at all. In either case, we’re here to give you our opinion, review, and personal experience using vegan, naturally based hair care products. Like I like to say, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Not everyone likes peanuts, not everyone can eat peanuts. But do they stop selling them? No, because its a very small percentage. Not everyone will like something, it may not work for everyone, but does that mean it doesn’t work for other people and that they don’t like it? No….

The Back Story

I first started seeing posts on people’s Instagram stories. It started with one person for a while, then another, then all of a sudden its like every girl I knew was posting about selling it. Posting the same content, might I add. “This is gold. You need this. This is magic.”

My thoughts: ???? okay

Now of course after seeing this, I was inclined to crap talk these posts and the products to my friends (sorry guys). But seriously, the way it was being presented and talked about  had made it seem like it was just another one of those things filled with promises (now this was about a little over a year ago). The girls, posts, and products were a hot topic for subtweets and jokes.

Then, my roommate started selling it.

At this point I was like okay, pick and choose who you talk to about the products. I was kind of in disbelief that people were buying into this. Since I was living with someone that sold it, it was all I heard and saw. I was still dead set that it was another over-priced “magic” product. I had looked into the products, looked at the website, googled the company, and watched all kinds of videos on Youtube about people who loved it and people who hated it JUST to prove it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

A few times I messaged the girls posting about it just to see what they would say and how hard they would try to push the product on me, to test the waters. I said to one of them “it’s kind of expensive, isn’t it?” and she said back to me “well since you’re struggling with money you should look into the business side!” …..HOLD ON. I was literally so offended that this girl assumed I was struggling with money that I responded “I can think something is expensive and not be struggling with money” and just stopped replying. Not the best way to go about that.

Then basically a few weeks later the company had some big flash sale that I thought was a great deal, considering I was getting a LOT more than what I usually would have if I had tried it out during a regular time. I went back and forth for DAYS about whether or not I was really going to buy into this and support it. On the last day of the sale I basically said “fu*k it,” did the Hair Consultation, talked with my roommate, and bought it. I knew I had 30 days to get my money back anyway. So there I was, a customer, still talking about it to my friends and not telling a soul I had actually purchased it.

When the products arrived I immediately brought the box up to my room and kept it there, because I didn’t want anyone to know I was trying the products after joining in on the fun-poking about it.

The Review

After the first wash I loved it. And I wanted to hate them so badly. I wanted them to be everything negative that other people said, so I could be like “yeah I tried them and they’re not that great.” But I honestly noticed a difference, and didn’t want to. Naturally I thought it was a fluke, and that it was just because I was using something different so my hair was being different for that wash. That wasn’t true. My hair felt better wash after wash. Soft, shiny, less frizzy. I was actually impressed (and still crap talking, because I couldn’t blow my cover).

The shampoo I was recommended worked to reduce oil for my naturally oily hair, promote growth, and improve follicle strenthgh. The “reduced oil” was fixed by the shampoo working get rid of wax build up and environmental debris, allowing the sebum (oil produced by body) to work its way down my hair shaft like its supposed to, instead of building up at my scalp. Of course it didn’t happen over night, but I noticed I was able to make it longer in the day without becoming “greasy” which was a miracle in itself because I could shower in the morning and have greasy hair by dinner that same day. The Conditioner I was recommended worked in the same way, added light moisture to my dry ends, and added volume to my hair.

I also used the “Blow Out Cream” which allegedly was supposed to “cut my blow dry time in half, be a keratin treatment and heat protectant, and reduce frizz.” Yeah okay, big statement. So I used it, ready to hate it and be unimpressed. But my naturally wavy hair actually blow dried straight, and less puffy and frizzy. Okay interesting. I straightened it, went about my normal school day in Florida, and was shocked that it hadn’t blown up to its usual size thanks to Florida humidity. It actually stayed nice, straight, and manageable. Would I admit that to anyone that had asked at the time? Heck no.

4 months later I was still crap talking the products to people, but still purchasing them every time there was a flash sale. I was afraid to use any other product because I read that using another product would reset the cleanse process (the time period in the beginning of using the products where the shampoo works to strip wax build up from other shampoos in your hair, releasing dead hair follicles so new ones could grow more efficiently). My hair had gotten longer and healthier, and people where starting to notice. Of course I just played it off.

I used the shampoo and conditioner every time I showered, along with a masque occasionally. I used the styling products everyday, such as the split end mender, dry shampoo, leave-in conditioner, oil, and examined my hair hoping to find that it hadn’t worked. But it actually did. My ends that were fried from being dyed and styled by heat everyday stopped breaking off as frequently, my hair actually LOOKED healthy, and my naturally oily hair had become more manageable. I’ve been using the products since April 2018. I now have 15+ bottles and containers of different products, and haven’t used another brand hair product in SIX MONTHS. My hair hasn’t been this healthy since I’ve started coloring and frequently styling it, and is actually growing.

MONAT edit 2

This is my personal collection of products (minus the 4 bottles I have in the shower). It consists of clarifying, smoothing, volume, and intense repair shampoo, conditioners, masques, leave-in conditioner, curl cream, air dry cream, texture spray, thickening spray, blow out cream, anti-frizz cream, mousse, styling taffy, split end mender,  multi use oil (101 uses, actually). So yeah, I use the products.

And the funny thing is, I found out that about half my friends that would crap talk about it are either now using it or have inquired about it, go figure.

In addition, with every qualifying order you’re guaranteed an “only for you” product (a free full size product), and they also allow you to pick 2 free samples sometimes as well! The company offers a 30 day money back guarantee that I’ve utilized twice with ZERO problems, so its not “just another scam.” Even if you’ve used the products or not, you have 30 days to send them back. I got all my money back, fear not people.

And again, it may work great for you or it may not, same with any product that exists! Same with natural foods that some people can consume and some people can’t for various reasons. Everyone has different reactions to things, so why assume one persons success/fail story will be the same as someone else’s? Do your research, make your own opinion, try it out for yourself!


I honestly didn’t even realize that I had little bald spots until I went and looked through old photos to see if I could even make a comparison picture. You can see some baby hairs filling in the gap!

Hair Consultation

The Opportunity

After a solid 4 moths of crap talking the products/company, and 6 months of using the products, I finally joined the team as a Market Partner. I’m the kind of person that needs a million things to do, otherwise I feel like something is missing or I’m forgetting something. Since I’ve joined, I’ve discovered its actually a major company, with patents and scientists and events. Upon further research and ACTUALLY being involved in the opportunity, it is most definitely not a pyramid scheme. Enter: Multi-Level Marketing. They had a huge convention in D.C. that included days of informational’s and training, followed by a concert by Kip Moore (I know a few people that went and followed their posts about it). I have to participate in team training, a Market Partner Academy Training put on by the company, and learn how to accurately evaluate someone’s hair needs. The thing about this business opportunity is that you can work super hard, or not work at all. You can go at your own pace, you don’t have to fear that if you don’t make a monthly quota you’ll be kicked out. You can be all in, or just buy the products to use them. It’s totally what you make it. And for me personally, it’s a way to get products I already use at an even cheaper price, and it gives me something to do.


Just drop a comment or fill out the  Hair Consultation if you have any questions or are looking for more information! And please note, I am in no way, shape, or form paid to write this article or say I like the products (heck, I’m not even paid to write about anything on here). I wrote it in an effort to share my experience and provide information to those who may be curious, because I was at one point!

The website states they want to help people everywhere enjoy beautiful, healthy, fulfilling lives through our exceptional, naturally based products, a fun and rewarding business opportunity, and a culture of family, service, and gratitude. Their vision is to to be a global leader in naturally based, anti-aging innovation.



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