10 Affordable Tools to Automate Social Media


It’s no secret that we’re big believers in personal branding. Whether you’re looking for a new full-time job, starting a side hustle, or just taking up a hobby — having a clear personal brand is super important in the digital world.

We’ve gathered together some of our favorite online tools to help automate your social media profiles. This will help keep them up to date and engaging, without having to spend all of your free time on your phone. YAY!

1. Post Planner

post plan

Cost: $3/month

Finding great, relevant content to share every day can be completely exhausting. What are people talking about? What stories are people engaging with? What’s on trend? For just $3 a month, you can have Post Planner dashboard, which answers all of those questions. Let them know what websites you’re on, and they’ll collect all of the best content from around the web in real time. To save you even more time, Post Planner also rates each piece of content based on engagement and can automatically post the best to any of your accounts at a future time.

2. Crowdfire


Cost: Free

Crowdfire began as a simple automation tool to help track how many people were following and unfollowing you each day, but it has since grown into personalized mini-marketer for all of your social platforms. Link everything from your Instagram to your Etsy shop, Pinterest and Facebook. Each day Crowdfire will suggest new ways they they can help grow your audience organically (and automatically!). It can be a little confusing,   but take some time to explore the app.



Cost: Free

IFTTT (short for “if this then that”) is a free service that allows all of your most-used tools, apps, and platforms talk to each other automatically. Once all of your services are linked, IFTTT allows you to create “recipes” to create a chain reaction once one action is taken. For example, add a particular hashtag to a Google Calendar event and it will automatically post to Facebook.

4. Later


Cost: Free

If you want to increase your reach on Instagram or Facebook (and really, who doesn’t?), Later is an amazing tool to help you post the right images at the right times. After logging in with your username, the app allows you to upload future posts, perfect your hashtags, and schedule a future time for the photo to be published to your followers. Schedule a couple of weeks of content and then unplug for vacation or hustle through a busy work week — your followers will still get new content all week long. Of course you’ll have to check in for any comments or messages but that’s not a problem, right?

5. Planoly


Cost: Free

In the beginning, we all posted any image on Instagram that we liked — without any attention paid to the subject matter, color palette, or a standard filter. These days, a curated Instagram profile is often seen as a must-have (rather than a nice-to-have) to gain followers. Planoly is a free tool that allows users to plan out future Instagram photos to ensure that their profiles are always a perfect collection of images. By taking the guesswork out of your next post, you’ll have more time and energy to create new content. This has been a giant time saver (you know, after you take the time to initially plan everything).



Cost: Free

A very similar concept to Planoly. Take the guesswork out of planning your posts. UNUM is a great way to see how future posts will look with your currents posts. Just connect your Instagram account and you’re ready to go! You can switch around images and add new ones until you get the look you’re trying to achieve.

7. Mailchimp


Cost: Free

Mailchimp is a favorite tool for small and large businesses to set up email marketing campaigns and manage email lists. For personal use, Mailchimp’s features are really easy to turn your personal page into a lead-generator without any additional work. From a simple coming soon page to a weekly newsletter, Mailchimp empowers you to create and run email campaigns with a minimal time commitment. It can be a little tricky to figure out at first, so stick with it!

8. Tailwind


Cost: $9.99/month

Similar to Later, Tailwind allows users to schedule Instagram and Pinterest, but you’ll also have access to advanced analytics to measure what content resonates the best with your audience. With the data that Tailwind collects, you’ll have quick visibility into your account growth trends based on engagement, type of content, and even the time of day. For Pinterest, you can even see which of your boards best convert browsers into followers.

9. Workflow


Cost: Free

Apple’s answer to the popularity of IFTTT, Workflow supports similar “recipes,” but it also gives users the ability to link across all iOS apps and devices. With a few clicks in the Workflow app, you can automatically have new iPhoto pictures posted to WordPress or uploaded to Dropbox. There is even a workflow to turn your live photos into shareable boomerangs automatically — perfect for your Instagram story. This is a great way to make sure you have everything you need when you need it.

10. Buffer


Cost: Free

Twitter is a great platform to build your credibility on a certain topic. By sharing content from your industry and interacting with others in the same field, you’ll quickly position yourself as an insider. Buffer is an amazing tool that allows you to queue future tweets as you come across articles that you’d like to share. With one click of Buffer’s Google Chrome extension icon, any webpage that you’re on instantly becomes a tweet-ready summary and is saved in your account for scheduling. Hello, easy!



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